Live the luxury. Refine your interiors!
With WOLF Racing genuine material applications

Classy materials. Nice haptics and looks. Everything in genuine materials. Refined with WOLF Racing lettering. The WOLF interior parts make you happy. They don‘t just look nice they also feel even better. Your Ford will turn into a genuine piece of art.

  • genuine aluminum pedals
  • genuine aluminum foot rest
  • genuine aluminum gear lever
  • genuine aluminum parking breake lever
  • carbon lever


W 5 218 780

Imitation leather black, fold up

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Leading edge petection

W 5 215 800

in black

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Loading edge protection

W 5 215 801

in silver

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foot rest alloy

W 5 213 101

in aluminium

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Gear knob

W 5 000 304

with illuminated gear indicator
not for vehicles with automatic Transmission and reverse gear lock

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